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Fig. 2

From: Effectiveness of PIVKA-II in the detection of hepatocellular carcinoma based on real-world clinical data

Fig. 2

Distribution and levels of PIVKA-II in all PIVKA-II (+) enrolled patients. a Distribution of all PIVKA-II (+) enrolled patients. b Levels of PIVKA-II and their comparison among all groups. All diagnoses were concluded based on the dominant findings of image examinations or biopsy if done. Biliary calculi include calculi both in liver and gall bladder. Hepatitis includes all diseases that cause the filtration of inflammation cells or death of liver cells. Benign nodules include high-grade dysplastic nodules, low-grade dysplastic nodules, hepatic cyst, hepatic abscess, intrahepatic calcification, hepatic lipoma, liver hemangioma and other that present as benign changes of liver image. Others include pregnancy, polypi, liver transplant et al. **: <0.01, ***: <0.001 (Mann-Whitney Test)

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