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Table 4 PTCC Items

From: The social and behavioral influences (SBI) study: study design and rationale for studying the effects of race and activation on cancer pain management

1. Cancer Knowledge: Assessing patient’s knowledge of state of disease
2. Open Door: Asking if the patient wants to know about the prognosis, survival, curability/the future or indicating common questions that people have about the prognosis, survival, curability, future quality of life, or palliative care.
3. Understand Prognosis: Assessing the patients’ understanding of their prognosis.
4. Changing for the Worse: Discussion of how the disease trajectory is changing for the worse.
5. Quality of Life: Discussion of quality of life in the future
6. Palliative Care: Discussing palliative care treatment
7. Advanced Directives: Discussing advanced directives
8. Curability: Discussing if the cancer can be cured.
9. Survival Time: Discussing estimates of survival time.
10. Best Worst Case: Discussing best case and worst case scenario
11. Double Frame: Double Framing Survival/Curability Estimates