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Table 1 Comparisons tested in this study. For all tests, the dependent variable was medication price

From: Country and regional variations in purchase prices for essential cancer medications

Category of Analysis Independent Variable Test Performed Number of Groups
Geographic Buyers Kruskal Wallis H 19
Geographic Region* Mann-Whitney U 2
Geographic GDP (nominal) Linear Regression N/A
Geographic All-Cancer Incidence (per 100,000) Linear Regression N/A
Medication Essential Cancer Medications Kruskal Wallis H 43
Medication Essential Medication Categories Kruskal Wallis H 3
Medication Medication Formulations Mann-Whitney U 2
Medication Pre/Post Generic Approval Date§ Mann-Whitney U 2
Longitudinal Year Kruskal Wallis H 5
  1. *Obtained from the United Nations [20]
  2. Obtained from the International Monetary Fund [21]
  3. Obtained from the International Agency for Research on Cancer [22]
  4. §Obtained from DrugBank [26]