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Table 2 Relative risks of cancer progression for low, intermediate and high risk cancer compared to all localised prostate cancer patients in the SPCG-4 study

From: The cost-effectiveness of active surveillance compared to watchful waiting and radical prostatectomy for low risk localised prostate cancer

Relative risk Risk group Mean SE Distribution
In the radical prostatectomy arm
 RR_lowrisk_WW Low risk 0.2947 0.0100 Gamma
 RR_intermrisk_WW Intermediate risk 1.0397 0.0347 Gamma
 RR_highrisk_WW High risk 1.9600 0.0655 Gamma
In the watchful waiting arm
 RR_lowrisk_RP Low risk 0.3006 0.0107 Gamma
 RR_intermrisk_RP Intermediate risk 1.0606 0.0374 Gamma
 RR_highrisk_RP High risk 1.9993 0.0703 Gamma
  1. RR relative risk, RP radical prostatectomy, AS active surveillance, WW watchful waiting RR_lowrisk_WW: relative risk of cancer progression for low risk patients compared to localised prostate cancer patients in the watchful waiting arm