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Table 1 Annual transition probabilities in the economic model

From: The cost-effectiveness of active surveillance compared to watchful waiting and radical prostatectomy for low risk localised prostate cancer

Transition probability Description Transition probabilities (Mean) SE Source
TP_Local-to-Localprogression_WW From Localised to Local progression in the watchful waiting arm 0.0565 0.0098 [18, 30]
TP_ Postsurgery-to-Localprogression_RP From Post-surgery to Local progression in the radical prostatectomy arm 0.0152+0.0012T (T: time (years) from radical prostatectomy) Additional file 1: Figure S3 Constant: 0.0026; [18, 30]
Slope: 0.0004
Variance-covariance matrix:
  Slope Constant
Slope 1.80E-07 -9.89E-07
Constant -9.89E-07 6.88E-06
TP_Local/Postsurgery-to-Metastatic From Localised or from Post-surgery to metastases 0.0075   0.0010   [6, 30]
TP_Localprogression-to-Metastatic From Local progression to metastases 0.0800   0.0050   [6, 30]
TP_DeathfromPC From Metastases to death from prostate cancer 0.3221   0.0115   [19, 21]
TP_Deathfromothercauses Death from other causes New Zealand Period Life Tables: 2010–12   -   [31]