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Table 3 Schedule of Procedures/Evaluations in Survivor Cohort

From: Novel approaches to the prediction, diagnosis and treatment of cardiac late effects in survivors of childhood cancer: a multi-centre observational study

Procedure/ Evaluation Baseline
(0 months)
Month 12
(± 8 weeks)
Month 24
(± 8 weeks)
Informed Consent/ Assent X   
Demographics X   
Cancer Therapy History X   
Height (cm) & Weight (kg) X X X
Medication and medical event review X X X
Echocardiogram (ECHO) X X X
Genetic Sample Obtain one sample at any time point while patient is on-study
Biomarker Sample
OPTIONAL CMR Occurs at one time only while patient is on-study.a
  1. aCMR will be performed in a subset of consented study patients only