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Table 2 Schedule of procedures/evaluations in Acute Cohort

From: Novel approaches to the prediction, diagnosis and treatment of cardiac late effects in survivors of childhood cancer: a multi-centre observational study

Procedure/Evaluation Baseline (prior to starting anthracycline) Study Visits prior to each anthracycline dose 3 months after completion of final anthracycline dose
(± 4 weeks)
12 months after completion of final anthracycline dose (± 8 weeks)
Informed Consent/Assent X    
Demographics X    
Height (cm) & Weight (kg) X X X X
Concomitant Medications X X X X
Medical History X    
Review of Medical Events X X X X
Cancer Therapy   X X  
Echocardiogram (ECHO) X Xa   X
Genetic Sample Obtain one sample at any time point while patient is on-study%
Biomarker Sample
  1. %For patients who will be having an allogeneic stem cell transplant, collect the genetic sample prior to the procedure
  2. aECHOs will be performed prior to each dose of anthracycline when possible. If patient/parent is not agreeable to research-only ECHOs, then they will occur only at clinically indicated time points