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Table 1 Measures selected for study and corresponding questionnaires

From: Psychosocial and behavioral impact of breast cancer risk assessed by testing for common risk variants: protocol of a prospective study

Measure Q1 Baseline Q2 Receivers Q3 Receivers Q3 Decliners
Predictor Variables
 1. Demographic characteristics    
 2. Protection motivation    
 3. Perceived severity of breast cancer    
 4. Response efficacy    
 5. Response cost    
 6. Self-efficacy    
 7. Uncertainty avoidance    
Confounding Variable
 8. Stressful life events  
Predictor and Outcome Variables
 9. Perceived breast cancer risk  
 10. Knowledge of familial breast cancer and polygenic risk  
 11. Breast cancer anxiety
Outcome Variables
 12. General anxiety and depression
 13. Concordance with screening guidelines  
 14. Intention to take up and actual uptake of preventative strategies
 15. Regret over testing decision  
 16. Recall and interpretation of results   
 17. Test-related distress, positive experiences and uncertainty   
 18. Reasons for declining results