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Table 1 Differentially expressed proteins between RC-77 T/E and RC-77 N/E cell lines

From: Proteomic characterization of paired non-malignant and malignant African-American prostate epithelial cell lines distinguishes them by structural proteins

Identified Proteins (Gene Symbol) p-value q-value Log2 Fold Change Status in RC-77 T/E Cells Significant Pathway or Gene Set Involvement
CD166 antigen (ALCAM) 5.90E-04 4.91E-02 −2.12 Downregulated  
*Caveolin-1 (CAV1) 2.98E-04 4.91E-02 −1.72 Downregulated Focal Adhesion; Proteoglycans in Cancer
*Vimentin (VIM) 4.09E-04 4.91E-02 −1.61 Downregulated  
*Myosin heavy chain-9 (MYH9) 4.04E-04 4.91E-02 1.58 Upregulated  
SH3 domain-binding glutamic acid-rich-like protein 3 (SH3BGRL3) 2.68E-04 4.91E-02 2.70 Upregulated  
Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 4B (EIF4B) 5.78E-04 4.91E-02 2.77 Upregulated  
Calpastatin (CAST) 3.55E-04 4.91E-02 3.09 Upregulated  
Nucleolar RNA helicase 2 (DDX21) 4.16E-04 4.91E-02 3.20 Upregulated  
Creatine kinase U-type (CKMT1A) 3.36E-04 4.91E-02 3.46 Upregulated  
Thioredoxin domain-containing protein 17 (TXNDC17) 4.92E-04 4.91E-02 1.69 RC-77 T/E only  
*Type I cytoskeletal keratin 19 (KRT19) 7.77E-04 5.40E-02 −2.49 Downregulated  
Serotransferrin (TF) 7.29E-04 5.40E-02 −2.30 Downregulated  
Integrin alpha-6 (ITGA6) 1.44E-03 5.40E-02 −1.93 Downregulated Cell Adhesion Molecules; ECM-Receptor Interaction; Small Cell Lung Cancer
Laminin subunit gamma-2 (LAMC2) 9.86E-04 5.40E-02 −1.72 Downregulated ECM-Receptor Interaction; Small Cell Lung Cancer; Focal Adhesion
CD59 glycoprotein (CD59) 9.15E-04 5.40E-02 −1.65 Downregulated  
Squalene synthase (FDFT1) 1.23E-03 5.40E-02 −1.31 Downregulated  
*Filamin-A (FLNA) 1.06E-03 5.40E-02 1.21 Upregulated Focal Adhesion, Proteoglycans in Cancer
Hydroxyacyl-coenzyme A dehydrogenase (HADH) 1.61E-03 5.40E-02 1.22 Upregulated  
X-ray repair cross-complementing protein 5 (XRCC5) 1.42E-03 5.40E-02 1.35 Upregulated  
Prothymosin alpha (PTMA) 1.49E-03 5.40E-02 1.65 Upregulated  
Cytosolic acyl coenzyme A thioester hydrolase (ACOT7) 1.37E-03 5.40E-02 1.74 Upregulated  
High mobility group protein HMG-I/HMG-Y (HMGA1) 1.58E-03 5.40E-02 1.79 Upregulated  
Putative pre-mRNA-splicing factor ATP-dependent RNA helicase DHX15 (DHX15) 1.10E-03 5.40E-02 2.10 Upregulated  
Scaffold attachment factor B1 (SAFB) 1.59E-03 5.40E-02 2.27 Upregulated  
Nucleoprotein TPR (TPR) 1.62E-03 5.40E-02 3.52 Upregulated  
Hemoglobin subunit alpha (HBA1) 1.80E-03 5.54E-02 −1.87 RC-77 N/E only  
Protein PML (PML) 1.77E-03 5.54E-02 1.69 RC-77 T/E only  
Ribosome-binding protein 1 (RRBP1) 1.89E-03 5.63E-02 1.64 Upregulated  
Adenosylhomocysteinase (AHCY) 2.00E-03 5.75E-02 1.68 Upregulated  
Gamma-interferon-inducible protein 16 (IFI16) 2.37E-03 6.59E-02 1.39 Upregulated  
Phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase (PCK2) 2.51E-03 6.75E-02 3.04 Upregulated  
14–3-3 protein sigma (SFN) 2.60E-03 6.76E-02 1.49 Upregulated  
*Lamin-B1 (LMNB1) 3.04E-03 7.26E-02 −0.87 Downregulated  
*Alpha-actinin-1 (ACTN1) 3.05E-03 7.26E-02 1.06 Upregulated Tight Junction; Adherens Junction; Hippo Signaling Pathway; Focal Adhesion
High mobility group protein HMGI-C (HMGA2) 2.95E-03 7.26E-02 2.19 Upregulated  
Voltage-dependent anion-selective channel protein 1 (VDAC1) 4.59E-03 7.67E-02 −1.00 Downregulated  
Integrin beta-1 (ITGB1) 3.48E-03 7.67E-02 −0.92 Downregulated Cell Adhesion Molecules; ECM-Receptor Interaction; Small Cell Lung Cancer
Non-histone chromosomal protein HMG-17 (HMGN2) 4.22E-03 7.67E-02 1.34 Upregulated  
*PDZ and LIM domain protein 1 (PDLIM1) 4.40E-03 7.67E-02 1.61 Upregulated  
T-complex protein 1 subunit epsilon (CCT5) 4.72E-03 7.67E-02 1.66 Upregulated  
Aminopeptidase N (ANPEP) 5.25E-03 7.67E-02 −2.38 RC-77 N/E only  
Prefoldin subunit 2 (PFDN2) 4.96E-03 7.67E-02 1.35 RC-77 T/E only  
40S ribosomal protein S24 (RPS24) 4.96E-03 7.67E-02 1.35 RC-77 T/E only  
Serine/arginine-rich splicing factor 1 (SRSF1) 4.96E-03 7.67E-02 1.35 RC-77 T/E only  
S-formylglutathione hydrolase (ESD) 5.05E-03 7.67E-02 1.42 RC-77 T/E only  
RNA-binding protein EWS (EWSR1) 5.15E-03 7.67E-02 1.47 RC-77 T/E only  
Hepatoma-derived growth factor (HDGF) 5.15E-03 7.67E-02 1.47 RC-77 T/E only  
Non-histone chromosomal protein HMG-14 (HMGN1) 4.96E-03 7.67E-02 1.47 RC-77 T/E only  
S-methyl-5′-thioadenosine phosphorylase (MTAP) 4.96E-03 7.67E-02 1.47 RC-77 T/E only  
Phosphoserine aminotransferase (PSAT1) 5.15E-03 7.67E-02 1.53 RC-77 T/E only  
60S ribosomal protein L10 (RPL10) 4.99E-03 7.67E-02 1.53 RC-77 T/E only  
Proteasome activator complex subunit 3 (PSME3) 5.22E-03 7.67E-02 1.58 RC-77 T/E only  
40S ribosomal protein S11 (RPS11) 4.99E-03 7.67E-02 1.64 RC-77 T/E only  
tRNA-splicing ligase RtcB homolog (RTCB) 5.25E-03 7.67E-02 1.64 RC-77 T/E only  
Double-stranded RNA-specific adenosine deaminase (ADAR) 5.25E-03 7.67E-02 1.92 RC-77 T/E only  
Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3 subunit I (EIF3I) 5.22E-03 7.67E-02 1.96 RC-77 T/E only  
60S ribosomal protein L35 (RPL35) 5.18E-03 7.67E-02 2.08 RC-77 T/E only  
Cytochrome c oxidase subunit 5A (COX5A) 5.74E-03 8.24E-02 −1.38 Downregulated  
*Beta-catenin (CTNNB1) 5.93E-03 8.37E-02 1.40 Upregulated Tight Junction; Adherens Junction; Hippo Signaling Pathway; Focal Adhesion
*Type II cytoskeletal keratin 8 (KRT8) 6.14E-03 8.52E-02 −1.79 Downregulated  
CD44 antigen (CD44) 6.44E-03 8.60E-02 −0.77 Downregulated Proteoglycans in Cancer; ECM-Receptor Interaction
Plasminogen activator inhibitor 1 RNA-binding protein (SERBP1) 6.51E-03 8.60E-02 1.58 Upregulated  
60S ribosomal protein L6 (RPL6) 6.38E-03 8.60E-02 2.14 Upregulated  
  1. *Carries a “Structural” or “Cytoskeletal” annotation in PANTHER. P-value is the probability the protein differs between RC-77 N/E and RC-77 T/E as calculated by an unpaired Wilcoxon rank-sum test, and q-value is the probability adjusted for multiple hypotheses testing using the Benjamini-Hochberg method. The log2 fold change was calculated using the RC-77 T/E to RC-77 N/E ratio. Significant pathway or gene set involvement reflects the results of Gene Set Enrichment Analysis and Signaling Pathway Impact Analysis