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Table 1 Clinical and pathological characteristics of the samples used for immunoblotting

From: Methionyl-tRNA synthetase overexpression is associated with poor clinical outcomes in non-small cell lung cancer

Random No. Age range Cell type Differentiation Smoking TNM Stage
A39 70s Adeno n.s.a None smoker T3N0M0 IIB
A42 40s Adeno acinar type None smoker T1aN2M0 IIIA
A44 70s Adeno solid predominant Ex-smoker T2aN0M0 IB
A45 70s Adeno papillary predominant None smoker T1bN0M0 IA
A47 60s Squamous None smoker T2aN0M0 IB
A48 60s Squamous moderately differentiated Current smoker T2aN1M0 IIA
A49 60s Squamous poorly differentiated Ex-smoker T2aN0M0 IB
A50 60s Adeno micropapillary predominant pattern Ex-smoker T2aN1M0 IIA
A55 50s Adeno micropapillary predominant with extracellur mucin fomation Current smoker T2aN2M0 IIIA
A56 70s Adeno acinar predominant Current smoker T1bN2M0 IIIA
A57 60s Squamous moderately differentiated Ex-smoker T2bN2M0 IIIA
A63 70s Adeno acinar predominant None smoker T2aN0M0 IB
  1. n.s.a: not specified