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Table 1 Factors possibly associated with patient delay

From: Breast cancer patient delay in Fukushima, Japan following the 2011 triple disaster: a long-term retrospective study

Characteristics Contributing factors / Protective factors
1. Sociodemographic factors
 Age Contributing
 Cohabitance with family Protective
  – Living with a partner  
  – Living with children  
 Full-time job Contributing
2. Clinical factors
 Symptom of lump Protective
 Past history of benign breast disease Protective
 Past history of breast cancer Protective
 Family history of breast cancer Protective
 Underlying diseases Contributing
 Obesity Contributing
 Slowly developing cancer Contributing
  – Positive HR status  
 Recent experience of mammography Contributing
3. Factors representing health care access
 Adequate access to health service Protective
  – Short distance  
  – Little or no cost  
  – Sufficient medical providers  
  – Short consultation interval  
4. Disaster-related factors
 Psychosocial stress Contributing
  – Evacuation status  
  – Air dose rate