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Fig. 1

From: Prognostic impact of blood and urinary angiogenic factor levels at diagnosis and during treatment in patients with osteosarcoma: a prospective study

Fig. 1

Variations in biomarkers over time. Panel A: serum VEGF, Panel B: serum bFGF, and Panel C: urinary bFGF. Median angiogenic factor levels at diagnosis (428 pg/mL for serum VEGF,4.3 pg/mL for serum bFGF and 5.2 ng/g of creatinine for urinary bFGF). At each time point, the percentage given above the dashed line corresponds to the percentage of cases with a value above the median value at diagnosis. The bottom and top edges of the box indicate the inter-quartile range (Q1-Q3, IQR). The line inside the box indicates the median value, and the small diamond indicates the mean. The whiskers indicate the minimum value (respectively, maximum) higher (respectively, lower) than Q1–1.5*IQR (respectively, Q3 + 1.5*IQR). The results were similar when only patients with results available at the three time points were analyzed

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