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Table 4 Correlation of UGT1A polymorphisms with severe toxicity

From: Examination of multiple UGT1A and DPYD polymorphisms has limited ability to predict the toxicity and efficacy of metastatic colorectal cancer treated with irinotecan-based chemotherapy: a retrospective analysis

  Severe diarrhea Severe neutropenia Severe toxicity
Genotype N/Total(%) P value N/Total(%) P value No.(%) P value
UGT1A1*6/*28 panels (N = 661)
 Wild typea 31/368(8.4%)   59/368(16.0%)   84/368(22.8%)  
 Single allele variantsb 23/228(10.1%)   53/228(23.2%)   66/228(28.9%)  
2 alleles variantsc 5/65(7.7%) 0.736 24/65(36.9%) <0.001 29/65(44.6%) 0.001
UGT1A1*6/*28 and DPYD*5 panels (N = 496)
 Wild typed 5/114(4.4%)   17/114(14.9%)   20/114(17.5%)  
 Single allele variantse 22/214(10.3%)   36/214(16.8%)   54/214(25.2%)  
 2 alleles variantsf 12/124(9.7%)   37/124(29.8%)   44/124(35.5%)  
3 alleles variantsg 7/44(15.9%) 0.147 14/44(31.8%) 0.008 21/44(47.7%) 0.001
  1. apatients with genotype: G/G and TA6/TA6. bpatients with genotype: G/A, and TA6/TA6; or G/G and TA6/TA7. cpatients with genotype: A/A and TA6/TA6; or G/A and TA6/TA7; or G/G and TA7/TA7; or A/A and TA6/TA7. dpatients with genotype: G/G, TA6/TA7 and A/A. epatients with genotype: G/A, TA6/TA6 and A/A; or G/G, TA6/TA7 and A/A; or G/G, TA6/TA6, A/G. fpatients with genotype: G/A, TA6/TA7 and A/A; or G/G, TA6/TA6 and G/G; or G/G, TA7/TA7 and A/A; A/A, TA6/TA6 and A/A. gpatients with genotype: G/A, TA6/TA7 and A/G; or A/A, TA6/TA6 and A/G; or G/G, TA7/TA7 and G/G; or G/A, TA6/TA7 and G/G; or A/A, TA6/TA6 and G/G