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Table 6 Content summary of the OncoActive intervention

From: Development of a computer-tailored physical activity intervention for prostate and colorectal cancer patients and survivors: OncoActive

Topics computer-tailored advicea Summary of contenta
Advice 1 & 2
  Awareness - Graph with own behavior and guideline behavior
  Knowledge - Information regarding guideline
- Information regarding positive effects of PA for prostate and colorectal CPS
  Attitude - Computer-tailored reflection and explanation on perceived pros and cons of PA
  Motivation - Role model video/picture about most important motivation for being physically active
- Space to write down own (intrinsic) motivation for PA
  Self-efficacy - Computer-tailored reflection and explanation on perceived barriers and physical complaints
- Suggestions to overcome barriers and deal with physical complaints
- Role model video/picture demonstrating how to deal with barriers
  PA suggestions - Practical suggestions to be physically active according to the CPS’ preferences
- Information about walking and cycling routes
- Cancer-specific PA suggestions (e.g. PA groups for CPS)
- Home exercises (video/pictures)
  Goal setting - Instructions about goal setting and monitoring using a pedometer
  Action planning - Scheme to plan PA on a weekly basis
  Coping planning - Scheme to construct if-then solutions for barriers or situations in which PA is difficult
  Social support - Encourage CPS to ask for support from their social environment
- Suggestions to find someone to be physically active with
Advice 3
  Ipsative feedback Feedback on:
- Changes in PA behavior, activities and goals
- Changes in health related factors (fatigue, quality of life)
- Changes in PA determinants (intention, attitude, self-efficacy)
- Changes in social support
  Monitoring behavior - Scheme to keep track of own PA behavior
- Encouragement to continue pedometer use
Website components Explanation
  Pedometer module Module for registering pedometer step counts to monitor PA behavior and set new step goals
  Video content Role model videos in which real cancer survivors talk about their own experiences and coping. Instruction videos with home exercises.
  Expert consultation and FAQ Module in which CPS can consult a physical therapist with questions regarding PA. Frequently asked questions are also shown.
  Discussion group Online discussion group in which CPS can exchange information, experiences and questions
  Background information Complementary information regarding nutrition, return to work, other website and interesting mobile applications
  News update message News messages regarding pelvic floor therapy, expert opinion about PA and cancer and tips and tricks to increase PA using a pedometer
  1. aSequence and content of topics are adjusted to the stage of change of the CPS