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Table 3 List of genes containing >1 amino acid change causing mutation and the significance of the mutation beyond background mutation rate (convoluted p-value <0.05)

From: Whole exome sequencing of an asbestos-induced wild-type murine model of malignant mesothelioma

Gene (KEGG pathway) Mutations Samples affected No. strains affected p-value
Nkd1 (Wnt signalling pathway) p.P84L|p.V47I AB1|AB22 1 (BALB/c) 1.34E-04
Mmp8 p.L7P|p.F303 V AB1|AB22 1 (BALB/c) 5.38E-04
Nckap5 p.P1182H, p.L1191 V, p.G768D AB1|AB13|AE16 2 (BALB/c|C57BL/6) 9.96E-04
Dab1 p.F203C|p.L502 V AB1 1 (BALB/c) 1.22E-03
Dsc1 p.K481 N|p.E519D AB1|AB13 1 (BALB/c) 1.45E-03
Rftn1 p.V106G|p.W404C AB1|AB13 1 (BALB/c) 2.43E-02
Ano4 p.N644 K|p.N406Y AB22 1 (BALB/c) 2.07E-03
Dpp9 p.T763R|p.P403T AB1 1 (BALB/c) 3.74E-03
Pabpc6 p.G402R|p.D45Y AB1|AB22 1 (BALB/c) 3.29E-03
Hoxd3 p.Q7K|p.V388 M AE17|AE19 1 (C57BL/6) 4.81E-03
Hc p.V1332 M|p.I25M AB22 1 (BALB/c) 3.51E-03
Dock10 p.V1546G|p.A2076V AB1|AE17 2 (BALB/c|C57BL/6) 3.28E-03
Cacna2d2 (MAPK signalling pathway) p.K857 M|p.R575Q AB1|AC28 2 (BALB/c|CBA) 3.67E-03
Neurl4 p.V1163I|p.T832 K AC29|BM163 2 (CBA|C57BL/6) 6.50E-03
Fat3 p.D2918G|p.D1300E AB1 1 (BALB/c) 3.61E-02