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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria according to the SENOMAC study protocol

From: Survival and axillary recurrence following sentinel node-positive breast cancer without completion axillary lymph node dissection: the randomized controlled SENOMAC trial

Inclusion criteria Primary invasive breast cancer T1-T3a
Preoperative ultrasound of the axilla performed
Macrometastasis in not more than two lymph nodes at sentinel node biopsy
Written informed consent
Age 18 years or older
Exclusion criteria Palpable regional lymph node metastasis prior to surgery
Regional or distant metastases outside of the ipsilateral axilla
Bilateral invasive breast cancer, if one side meets any exclusion criteria
Medical contraindication for radiotherapy or systemic treatment
Inability to absorb or understand the meaning of the study information; for example, through disability, inadequate language skills or dementia
Prior history of invasive breast cancer
  1. aAccording to the TNM classification system