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Table 1 Antibodies used in immunolabelling analysis

From: The adaptation of colorectal cancer cells when forming metastases in the liver: expression of associated genes and pathways in a mouse model

Antigen Species Dilution Catalogue Manufacturer
β-catenin Rabbit 1:50 14–6765 eBioscience, Frankfurt a.M., Germany
CD44 Rat 1:1000 550,538 BD Pharmingen, Heidelberg, Germany
Ki-67 Rabbit 1:200 275R-14 Cell Marque, California, United States
E-cadherin Rabbit 1:50 sc-7870 Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Heidelberg, Germany
Vimentin Rabbit 1:1000 ab92547 Abcam, Cambridge, UK
Anti-rat biotinylated Donkey 1:200 RPN1004 GE Healthcare, Freiburg, Germany
Avidin HRP   1:400 18–4100-94 eBioscience, Frankfurt a.M., Germany
HRP Labelled anti-rabbit Goat Ready to use K4002 Dako, Hamburg, Germany