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Table 1 Inclusion Criteria for DeNaCaPST Programme

From: A French national breast and thyroid cancer screening programme for survivors of childhood, adolescent and young adult (CAYA) cancers - DeNaCaPST programme

  Breast cancer screening Thyroid cancer screening
Population Adults treated before the age of 20 years (≤ 20) for a cancer or a leukaemia with an overlap ≥5 years without treatment
Dose of radiotherapy received for the cancer or the leukaemia ≥ 10 Gy on the mammary bud ≥ 3 Gy on the thyroid
Delay from radiotherapy to inclusion ≥ 8 years ≥ 5 years
Sex and age at time of inclusion Female ≥ 25 years Female and Male ≥ 18 years