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Fig. 2

From: MDA-MET-conditioned-medium augments the chemoattractant-dependent migration of MDA-MET cells towards hFOB-conditioned medium and increases collagenase activity

Fig. 2

The ability of conditioned medium from hFOB cells exposed to either hFOB- conditioned medium or MDA-MET-conditioned medium can be altered by physical processing. Left Panel) hFOBCM[hFOBCM] and hFOBCM[MDA-METCM] lose the capacity to attract MDA-MET cells when subjected to boiling temperatures. hFOBCM[MDA-METCM] was boiled for 10 min and used in a migration assay following the identical protocol as in Fig. 1. n = 6, * p < 0.05 vs hFOBCM [METCM]; # p < 0.05 vs all other groups. Right Panel) The fraction of hFOBCM[hFOBCM] or hFOBCM[MDA-METCM] <30 kDa (filtered) did not attract MDA-MET cells. hFOBCM[hFOBCM or hFOBCM[MDA-METCM] were filtered using size exclusion filters of a membrane pore size which allowed conditioned medium components <30 kDa to pass through (filtrate). The filtrate was then used in the migration assay following the protocol described in Fig. 1. n = 12,* p > 0.05 vs hFOBCM [METCM] unfiltered

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