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Table 2 Case reports of NUT midline carcinoma describing alpha–fetoprotein (AFP) elevation

From: Alpha–fetoprotein elevation in NUT midline carcinoma: a case report

Authors Year Site(s) of disease Age Gender Serum AFP level IHC AFP
Zhu B et al. 2011 Mediastinum, lung 42 Male Elevated Negative
Ball A et al. 2013 Mediastinum, pelvis 19 Female Elevated NA
Parikh SA et al. 2013 Mediastinum, lung 36 Male Elevated NA
Raza A et al. 2015 Mediastinum, lung 36 Male Elevated Negative
Harada Y et al. 2016 Mediastinum, lung, bone 28 Male Elevated NA
Present report 2017 Mediastinum, lymphnodes, bone 22 Male Elevated Negative
  1. IHC immunohistochemistry, NA not available