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Table 3 Differential Pathway Enrichment in FFPE samples

From: Comparison of triple-negative breast cancer molecular subtyping using RNA from matched fresh-frozen versus formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue

Gene Set Name # Genes Overlap p-value FDR q-value
Cellular Compartment C5
Plasma membrane 197 6.62E-61 1.03E-57
Membrane 234 3.30E-59 2.58E-56
Plasma membrane part 173 2.36E-58 1.23E-55
Membrane part 202 5.71E-53 2.23E-50
Intrinsic to membrane 177 2.20E-51 6.87E-49
Intrinsic to plasma membrane 150 2.82E-51 7.35E-49
Integral to membrane 173 1.24E-49 2.78E-47
Integral to plasma membrane 146 3.29E-49 6.43E-47
Neuroactive ligand receptor 55 1.12E-25 1.95E-23
Canonical Pathways C2
Naba matrisome 97 6.19E-18 9.67E-16
Neuroactive ligand receptor 55 1.12E-25 1.49E-22
Matrisome 97 6.19E-18 4.11E-15
Signaling by GPCR 85 2.44E-15 9.19E-13
GPCR downstream signaling 78 2.76E-15 9.19E-13
Neuronal system 42 4.12E-15 1.10E-12
Transmembrane transport 51 1.89E-14 4.20E-12
Matrisome associated 71 1.87E-13 3.55E-11
Calcium signaling pathway 31 3.00E-13 4.98E-11
Transmission chemical synapses 28 1.48E-10 2.18E-08
GPCR ligand binding 43 3.61E-10 4.80E-08