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Table 2 The TGF-β information and results of the included studies

From: Prognostic value of transforming growth factor-beta in patients with colorectal cancer who undergo surgery: a meta-analysis

  Gene subtype High expression (%) Test sample Test content Test method Analytic method Outcome HR for OS 95% CI HR for OS HR for DFS 95% CI HR for DFS
Zhu J TGF-β1 53.0 Tissue Protein IHC Multivariate OS 3.33 1.41–7.87 NR NR
Chun HK TGF-β1 14.9 Tissue Protein IHC Multivariate DFS NR NR 9.19 1.26–67.20
Langenskiöld M TGF-β1 NR Tissue Protein ELISA Multivariate OS 1.00 0.99–1.01 NR NR
Uhlmann ME TGF-β 25.2 Tissue mRNA PCR Surv curve OS 1.13 0.42–3.03 NR NR
Lampropoulos P TGF-β 71.3 Tissue Protein IHC Multivariate OS 4.68 2.09–10.48 NR NR
Li X TGF-β1 70.7 Tissue Protein IHC Univariate OS, DFS 0.75 0.48–1.16 0.81 0.55–1.20
Khanh do T TGF-β1 55.3 Tissue Protein IHC Multivariate OS, RFS 1.62 0.74–3.56 1.46 0.74–2.87
Wincewicz A TGF-β1 83.3 Tissue Protein IHC Survival curve DFS NR NR 1.00 0.93–1.07
Gulubova M TGF-β1 25.4 Tissue Protein IHC Surv curve OS 1.35 0.82–2.23 NR NR
Bellone G TGF-β1 NR Serum Protein ELISA Multivariate DFS NR NR 1.11 1.03–1.20
Tsamandas AC TGF-β1 79.0 Tissue Protein IHC Multivariate OS, DFS 1.55 1.33–3.08 1.09a 0.27–4.4
Robson H TGF-β1 58.3 Tissue Protein IHC Surv curve OS 0.56 0.15–2.14 NR NR
Friedman E TGF-β1 58.8 Tissue Protein PCR Surv curve DFS NR NR 3.33 0.47–23.43
  1. DFS disease-free survival, ELISA enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, IHC Immunohistochemistry, Multivariate Multivariate survival analyses, NR not reported, OS overall survival, PCR Polymerase chain reaction, RFS recurrence-free survival (which was used as DFS), Surv curve survival curve, Univariate Univariate survival analyses
  2. a:the result was analysed by the Univariate method