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Table 1 Number and significance range of molecules participating in relevant pathways and molecular and cellular functions in meningioma. Table derived from data compiled from DAVID bioinformatics database. P values were calculated with a right-tailed Fisher’s exact test

From: Simultaneous analysis of miRNA-mRNA in human meningiomas by integrating transcriptome: A relationship between PTX3 and miR-29c

Gene Network p-value Number of Molecules Involved
Inflammatory Response 1.35E-03 – 8.27E-14 182
Cancer 1.28E-03 – 3.20E-11 493
Inflammatory Disease 1.35E-03 – 2.98E-10 161
Cellular Growth 1.23E-03 – 5.70E-18 311
Cell Death-Cell Survival 1.30E-03 – 7.59E-16 265
Cellular Movement 1.34E-03 – 6.11E-15 194
Cellular Development 1.04E-03 – 2.68E-13 257
Cell-Cell Signalling 1.34E-03 – 6.69E-10 157
Immune Cell Traficking 1.06E-03 – 1.95E-09 110