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Fig. 8

From: Testis specific Y-like 5: gene expression, methylation and implications for drug sensitivity in prostate carcinoma

Fig. 8

Drug sensitivity of TSPYL5 overexpressing LNCaP cells. a WT-LNCaP cells and PV-TSPYL5 or PV cells were treated with dtx (10 nM). Dtx caused reduction in cell viability of WT and PV only LNCaP cells (P = 0.012*, P = 0.014**). Dtx effect was more pronounced in cells treated with PV-TSPYL5 (P = 0.008***). b Various protein expression in PV-TSPYL5- and PV-LNCaP cells (c) Graph denoting relative protein band intensities in PV-TSPYL5 LNCaP cells between TSPYL5 protein, CDKN1A (P = 0.009*) and pAKT expression (P ≥ 0.05**)

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