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Fig. 1

From: Testis specific Y-like 5: gene expression, methylation and implications for drug sensitivity in prostate carcinoma

Fig. 1

TSPYL5 mRNA expression in non-tumorigenic and PC cells. a qRT-PCR analysis for TSPYL5 mRNA showing relative expression between non- tumorigenic and PC cells (mean ± SD, n = 3). TSPYL5 mRNA was low in DU145 cells compared to RWPE1 (P = 0.02*), while no significant change was observed between LNCaP and RWPE1 cells (P > 0.05**). The values were normalized against β-actin. b Immunoblot analysis for TSPYL5 protein (~48 kDa) and β-actin (~46 kDA) expression in total cell lysates after chemiluminescent detection of bands. c The band intensity ratio of TSPYL5 was analyzed using Image J program. Decrease in TSPYL5 protein expression was significant between RWPE-1 and DU145 (P = 0.001*) and moderate between RWPE-1 and LNCaP (P = 0.04**) cells. All the values were calculated after subtracting the background intensity. Analysis was done in three repeat individual experiments

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