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Table 1 Methods used to construct the CONCORD-2 life tables, by type of data obtained

From: Life tables for global surveillance of cancer survival (the CONCORD programme): data sources and methods

Data category Method No. of registries
Death and population counts   172
 i) By single year of age Multivariable flexible model 72
 ii) By age group Multivariable flexible model 100
Mortality rates   83
 iii) By single year of age   73
   Smoothed Calendar year interpolation if necessary 56
   Unsmoothed Ewbank relational model with four parameters 17
 iv) By age group Ewbank relational model with three parameters 10
No reliable life table data available from registry   24
 Abridged life table available from the UN Population Division (UNPD) Abridged UNPD life tables interpolated using Elandt-Johnson method 23
 Abridged life table not available from UNPD (Gibraltar only) Smoothed England life table used 1
   Total: 279