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Table 2 Dose reduction index (DRI)a of AR-42 and doxorubicin in osteosarcoma cell lines

From: Sensitivity of osteosarcoma cells to HDAC inhibitor AR-42 mediated apoptosis

U2OS AR-42 Doxorubicin
 Single agent IC50 [μM] 2.55 1.45
 Combination IC50 [μM] 1.24 0.36
 DRI 2.06 4.03
D17 AR-42 Doxorubicin
 Single agent IC50 [μM] 1.46 0.32
 Combination IC50 [μM] 1.04 0.07
 DRI 1.40 4.57
  1. aDose reduction index (DRI) indicates the extent to which the concentration of a drug can be reduced in the combination to achieve an effect level similar to that achieved as a single agent