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Fig. 2

From: The acceleration of glucose accumulation in renal cell carcinoma assessed by FDG PET/CT demonstrated acquisition of resistance to tyrosine kinase inhibitor therapy

Fig. 2

The sequential change of SUVmax during TKI treatment in 38 cases: a 24 cases showed decrease of max SUVmax and continued TKI treatment. b Four cases showed PD on the first evaluation after the start of TKI treatment despite the decrease in max SUVmax. c 10 cases showed increase of max SUVmax. The vertical axis shows SUVmax of individual RCC lesions. In cases with more than three RCC lesions, we used the SUVmax in the three lesions where SUVmax was highest in the pretreatment evaluation. The horizontal axis represents time of FDG PET/CT evaluation. “Pre” means pretreatment evaluation; numbers refer to number of months after TKI treatment started

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