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Table 2 Cases with PIK3CA mutations in either endoscopic biopsy or surgically resected specimens

From: Concordance between PIK3CA mutations in endoscopic biopsy and surgically resected specimens of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma

Case Endoscopic biopsy Surgical resection T factor
Mutation Histology Mutation Histology
8 E542K M/D Wild type M/D T3
50 E545K M/D E545K M/D T1b
61 Wild type P/D E545K M/D T4
66 H1047R M/D H1047R P/D T3
75 H1047R M/D H1047R M/D T3
87 E542K M/D E542K M/D T3
111 E545K M/D E545K M/D T3
114 E545K M/D E545K M/D T3
127 H1047R M/D H1047R M/D T3
132 Wild type M/D H1047R M/D T1b
140 H1047L M/D H1047L M/D T3
163 H1047R M/D H1047R M/D T3
166 H1047R M/D H1047R W/D T1b
  1. Abbreviations: W/D well differentiated, M/D moderately differentiated, P/D poorly differentiated