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Fig. 7

From: Cryptotanshinone activates AMPK-TSC2 axis leading to inhibition of mTORC1 signaling in cancer cells

Fig. 7

Depletion of AMPKα renders resistance to CPT inhibition of mTORC1 signaling. a AMPKα positive MEF cells and AMPKα negative MEF cells were seeded in 96-well plates (104 cells/well) respectively and grown overnight. After 48 h treatment by CPT, each well was added 20 μL of one solution reagent and incubated for 4 h. Cell proliferation was determined by measuring the optical density (OD) at 490 nm using a Wallac 1420 Multilabel Counter; (b) Serum-starved AMPKα knocked out MEF cells, were firstly exposed to CPT (0-20 μmol/L) for 2 h, then stimulated with IGF-1 (10 ng/mL) for 1 h, followed by western blotting assay for proteins expression of AMPK, p-AMPK, p-S6K1, 4E-BP1 and β-tubulin. MEF cells expressing AMPK as a control

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