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Table 2 List of top 5 upstream regulator genes implicated in MCF-7/Twist cells, MCF-7/Twist primary tumors, and MCF-7/Twist metastases

From: Genomic pathways modulated by Twist in breast cancer

Upstream Regulator Genes P-value of overlap Corrected z-score Prediction
MCF-7/Twist cells
 Estrogen receptor 1.49E-18 −5.712 Inhibited
 NUPR1 2.34E-14 1.843  
 TP53 7.63E-14 −0.497  
 TNF 7.66E-14 3.849 Activated
 SMARCA4 9.56E-14 2.028 Activated
Primary tumors
 ERBB2 3.71E-06 0.231  
 CD24 4.63E-06 1.199  
 TP73 1.39E-05 −1.712  
 TGFB1 2.48E-05 −0.534  
 HSPA9 2.54E-05 −0.2  
 Lh 7.23E-05 −1.027  
 CXCL12 1.54E-04 −2.071 Inhibited
 NUP107 4.01E-04 1.052  
 FOXA2 2.03E-03   
 FSH 2.36E-03 −0.698  
  1. Genes are ranked by P-value