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Fig. 5

From: Protein kinase C inhibitor Gö6976 but not Gö6983 induces the reversion of E- to N-cadherin switch and metastatic phenotype in melanoma: identification of the role of protein kinase D1

Fig. 5

Gö6976 but not Gö6983 strongly inhibits anchorage-independent growth and migration of M2 metastatic melanoma cells. a. M2 metastatic melanoma cells were seeded in methylcellulose (400 cells per plate) containing 1 μM Gö6976 or 1 μM Gö6983. After three weeks of culture, the colonies were counted, photographed and their volume determined. The quantifications presented are the means ± SD for three independent experiments. **, p < 0.01; ***, p < 0.001 versus control DMSO treated cells. b. Scratch wounds were created by scraping confluent monolayers of M2 cells, pre-treated one day before with 1 μM Gö6976, 1 μM Gö6983 or DMSO. After 24 h, cell migration from the wound edges into the wounded area was evaluated. Cells were photographed at 0 and 24 h after wound. The photographs presented are those of a representative experiment. Values presented under each photograph represent the mean ± SD of numbers of cells that migrated into the wound for three independent experiments. c. Cells were incubated in RPMI medium containing 1 μM Gö6976, 1 μM Gö6983 or DMSO in the upper well of a transwell chamber while in the lower well RPMI medium supplemented with 10% FBS was added. After 24 h, cells that invaded to the lower well were counted. The results presented are the means ± SD for three independent experiments. *, p < 0.05; ****, p < 0.0001 versus control DMSO treated cells

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