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Fig. 10

From: Protein kinase C inhibitor Gö6976 but not Gö6983 induces the reversion of E- to N-cadherin switch and metastatic phenotype in melanoma: identification of the role of protein kinase D1

Fig. 10

PKD1 depletion does not affect the cell shape or cell-cell interactions in M2 mesenchymal-like metastatic melanoma cells. M2 melanoma cells were seeded in 6-well plates at the density of 12,500 (control C1, C2 and P5 clones) or 25,000 (PKD1-depleted P2, P3, P4 and P6 clones) cells per well. After three to five days of culture, cells were fixed, permeabilized and stained for actin (green). Cells were then analyzed under a confocal microscope. Images are representative fields from three independent experiments

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