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Table 2 Secondary antibodies used for IHC

From: Upregulation of Mrps18a in breast cancer identified by selecting phage antibody libraries on breast tissue sections

Description Flourophore Isotype specificity Dilution Source Detection of
Goat anti-mouse A488 IgG3 1:500 Invitrogen, A21151 CK14
Goat anti-mouse A350 IgG2a 1:250 Invitrogen, A21130 CK19
Goat anti-mouse A488 IgG2a 1:500 Invitrogen, A21131 CK19
Mouse anti-human c-Myc Cy3 IgG1 1:250 Sigma-Aldrich, C6594 dAb
Goat anti-rabbit A488 IgG (H + L) 1:400 Invitrogen, A11008 dAb-rFc
  1. A Alexa Fluor® fluorescent dye