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Table 1 Immunotherapy of melanoma B16-F10 based on the synergy of R-848 and mannan-SMCC. Further improvement using poly(I:C) and anchored L. monocytogenes. Re-transplantation

From: Innate immunity based cancer immunotherapy: B16-F10 murine melanoma model

Initial treatment Number of survived mice Group (see Fig. 4b) Number of successful re-transplantations
L. monocytogenes-SMCC + R-848 + mannan-SMCC 5 b 1
L. monocytogenes-SMCC + R-848 + poly(I:C) + mannan-SMCC 5 c 0
R-848 + mannan-SMCC 2 d 2
R-848 + poly(I:C) + mannan-SMCC 1 e 0
  1. Re-transplantation of mice that survived in experiment shown in Fig. 4 was performed on day 120. All surviving mice were inoculated again with B16-F10 (4 × 105 melanoma cells/mouse s.c.)