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Table 4 Relative performance of machine learning algorithm across all therapy-recommendation combinations

From: Computational prediction of multidisciplinary team decision-making for adjuvant breast cancer drug therapies: a machine learning approach

Algorithm Median rank
Multiclass ADTree (Bagged) 2.0
J48 decision tree (Bagged) 3.0
Ripple down rules (Bagged) 3.0
Multiclass ADTree 5.0
SVM, polynomial kernel (Bagged) 6.0
SVM, radial basis function kernel (Bagged) 7.0
SVM, polynomial kernel 7.0
SVM, radial basis function kernel 9.0
Naive Bayes classifier (Bagged) 9.0
Logistic regression (Bagged) 10.0
Naive Bayes classifier 11.0
J48 decision tree 11.0
Decision table 12.0
Logistic regression 14.0
Nearest neighbour classifier 14.0
Ripple down rules 16.0
OneR (Bagged) 17.0
OneR 17.0
  1. Abbreviations: Bagged bootstrap-aggregated, ADTree alternating decision tree, SVM support vector machine