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Table 1 Overview of the HC2, cobas and Aptima test specifications and accompanying automated testing solutions

From: HPV Prevalence in the Dutch cervical cancer screening population (DuSC study): HPV testing using automated HC2, cobas and Aptima workflows

Assay Nr. of devices HrHPV types detected Target gene Detection technology Input volume Dead volume Control
HC2 4 16/18/31/33/35/39/45/51/52/56/58/59/68 Entire hrHPV genome (DNA) Nucleic acid hybridization assay with signal amplification 3.0 mL 5.0 mL Process control for each sample batch
cobas 3 16/18/31/33/35/39/45/51/52/56/58/59/66/68 L1 (DNA) Real time Polymerase Chain Reaction 0.25 mL 0.5 mL ß-globin for process validity of individual sample and input sufficiency
Aptima 2 16/18/31/33/35/39/45/51/52/56/58/59/66/68 E6/E7 (RNA) Transcription Mediated Amplification 0.4 mL 5.0 mL Spiked internal control for process validity of individual sample
  1. HC2 Hybrid Capture 2