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Table 1 Cancer stem cell structure, associated unique genetic events and chemotherapy curability

From: Chemotherapy curable malignancies and cancer stem cells: a biological review and hypothesis

Metastatic malignancy Cancer stem cell model Associated unique genetic event Chemotherapy curability
Common epithelial cancers Hierarchical None -
Gestational trophoblast tumours Non-hierarchical Nuclear fusion +++
Germ cell tumours Non-hierarchical Meiosis +++
Childhood malignancies Non-hierarchical Gastrulation +
B and T cell malignancies    
Acute undifferentiated leukemia Hierarchical None -
Acute lymphocytic leukemia Non-hierarchical VDJ +++
ALK + ve T Cell lymphoma Non-hierarchical VDJ ++
Mantle cell lymphoma Non-hierarchical None -
Diffuse large B Cell lymphoma Non-hierarchical SHM ++
Burkitt’s lymphoma Non-hierarchical SHM ++
Hodgkin lymphoma Non-hierarchical SHM ++
CLL Non-hierarchical None -
Myeloma Non-hierarchical None -
Mature T cell malignancies Non-hierarchical None -
  1. The relationship of the cancer stem cell model, of being either hierarchical as in the common epithelial cancers or non-hierarchical without somatic stem derived cancer stem cells, the associated unique genetic events and the associated degree of chemotherapy curability are shown. For simplicity chemotherapy curability is shown on a zero to 3 star range