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Table 3 Baseline anti-hypertensive drugs in patients with a history of hypertension

From: Incidence and risk of hypertension in patients newly treated for multiple myeloma: a retrospective cohort study

  MM Patients
(n = 3002)
Non-MM Patients
(n = 5750)
Anti-hypertensive drug, n (%)
All drugsa 2141 (71%) 4082 (71%)
 Diuretic 1704 (80%)b 3339 (82%)b
 ACE-I 1113 (52%)b 2180 (53%)c
 Calcium channel blocker 1081 (50%)b 1773 (43%)c
 ARB 914 (43%)b 1723 (42%)c
 Any other drugs 53 (2%)b 102 (2%)c
  1. ACE-I: angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor, ARB: angiotensin II receptor blocker, MM: multiple myeloma
  2. aAll anti-hypertensive drugs included diuretics, ACE-I, ARBs, calcium channel blockers and other (alpha blockers, alpha-2 receptor agonists, beta-blockers, central agonists, combined alpha and beta blockers, peripheral adrenergic inhibitors, renin inhibitors and vasodilators)
  3. bPercentage derived from n = 2141 MM patients treated for hypertension
  4. cPercentage derived from n = 4082 non-MM patients treated for hypertension