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Table 1 Description of Program Modules

From: Design of a randomized controlled trial of Internet-based cognitive behavioral therapy for treatment-induced menopausal symptoms in breast cancer survivors

Module 1 Welcome ▪ Introduction to the online program
▪ Psycho-education about the effect of breast cancer on menopause, menopausal symptoms and the influence of relaxation.
▪ In-session assignment: making a schedule for reading the sessions and doing homework
▪ Homework: keeping a hot flushes and night sweats diary; practicing relaxation techniques
Module 2 Hot flushes ▪ Psycho-education about the physiology of HF/NS and the role of thoughts, feelings and behaviors
▪ In-session assignment: recognizing patterns of and triggers for hot flushes; cognitive restructuring of unhelpful thoughts
▪ Homework: as before + monitoring triggers and applying helpful thoughts
Module 3 From stressing to relaxing ▪ Psycho-education about stress, the relationship between stress and hot flushes, cognitive and behavioral stress management techniques, relaxation.
▪ In-session assignment: identification of stressful events, usual reaction to stress and goal setting to reduce stress
▪ Homework: as before + implementation of stress goal
Module 4 Improving sleep ▪ Psycho-education about sleep, sleeping problems and how to improve quality of sleep, cognitive and behavioral reactions to sleep problems/night sweats.
▪ In-session assignment: sleep hygiene questionnaire, goal setting to improve sleep.
▪ Homework: as before + implementation of sleeping goals
Module 5 My body and sexuality ▪ Psycho-education about sexual problems and weight issues, cognitive and behavioral precipitants and consequences of sexual problems and weight issues.
▪ In-session assignment: goal setting for sexual problems (if present) and weight issues (if present)
▪ Homework: as before + implementation of goals
Module 6 Keep progressing ▪ Psycho-education about the (benefits of) using an action plan.
▪ In-session assignment: identification of helpful cognitive and/or behavioral strategies as discussed/learned throughout each module, goal setting for maintenance plan; identification of possible barriers and how to overcome them.
▪ Homework: as before + implementation of maintenance plan