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Table 1 Mutational status of colorectal cancer critical genes [44, 5155]

From: Long-lasting reduction in clonogenic potential of colorectal cancer cells by sequential treatments with 5-azanucleosides and topoisomerase inhibitors

CRC cell line Oncogenes Tumor suppressor genes
HCT116 G13D / wt wt / wt wt / wt S252* / S252* a
DLD-1 G13D / wt wt / wt S241F / wt (sil) wt / wt b
DKs-8 - / wt wt / wt S241F / wt (sil) wt / wt b
HT-29 wt / wt V600E / wt R273H / R273H wt (m) / wt c
  1. Wt wild-type; sil silenced; m methylated; *nonsense mutation
  2. aHCT116 cells are MMR-deficient due to mutations in MLH1 and mutS homolog 3 (MSH3) genes
  3. bDLD-1 and DKs-8 cells are MMR-deficient due to mutation in mutS homolog 3 (MSH6) gene
  4. cHT-29 cells are MMR-proficient