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Table 1 Multiplexed tumor genotyping panel

From: Frequency of EGFR T790M mutation and multimutational profiles of rebiopsy samples from non-small cell lung cancer developing acquired resistance to EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitors in Japanese patients

Gene name Position AA mutant Nucleotide mutant
EGFR G719 G719 2155G > T/A
  G719A 2156G > C
exon 19 Deletion  
T790 T790M 2369C > T
exon20 Insertion  
L858 L858R 2573 T > G
L861 L861Q 2582 T > A
KRAS G12 G12C/S/R 34G > T/A/C
  G12V/A/D 35G > T/C/A
G13 G13C/S/R 37G > T/A/C
  G13D/A 38G > A/C
Q61 Q61K 181C > A
  Q61R/L 182A > G/T
  Q61H 183A > T/C
BRAF G466 G466V 1397G > T
G469 G469A 1406G > C
L597 L597V 1789C > G
V600 V600E 1799 T > A
PIK3CA E542 E542K 1624G > A
E545 E545K/Q 1633G > A/C
H1047 H1047R 3140A > G
NRAS Q61 Q61K 181C > A
  Q61L/R 182A > T/G
MEK1 (MAP2K1) Q56 Q56P 167A > C
K57 K57N 171G > T
D67 D67N 199G > A
AKT1 E17 E17K 49G > A
PTEN R233 R233 697C > T
HER2 exon20 Insertion