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Table 5 Items regarding CS4: Patient with non-functioning GEP-NET, non-susceptible to surgery or to loco-regional treatment, with Ki-67 < 10 %, ECOG ≤2, AND NEGATIVE OCTREOSCAN®: Is SSA treatment initiated? [11, 48, 49, 68]

From: Management of controversial gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine tumour clinical situations with somatostatin analogues: results of a Delphi questionnaire panel from the NETPraxis program

  1. CS Clinical situation, SSAs Somatostatin analogs, GEP Gastroenteropancreatic, NET Neuroendocrine tumor, C consensus, NC non-consensus, A Agreement, D Disagreement, I Indeterminate
  2. aOnly applies to statements with 2 rounds; participant % in median range: median range
  3. Shadowed boxes: non-consensus