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Table 1 Content of the web-based stress management program STREAM

From: Web-based stress management for newly diagnosed cancer patients (STREAM-1): a randomized, wait-list controlled intervention study

Module Psychoeducation Reflection on status Strategies
1. Introduction: What is stress? Nature of stress in general and in specific cancer-related situations My individual stressors Diaryb
Stress protocol Body scana
Stress protocol b
2. Body stress reduction Bodily sensations during stress and side effects of anticancer treatment Relaxation protocol Progressive muscle relaxation a
Beach promenadea
Relaxation protocolb
3. Cognitive stress reduction Thoughts and their interaction with emotions and bodily sensations My negative thought patterns Negative thought cyclea
Relationship of body position and thoughtsb
Thinking styles and reflectionb
Thoughts on cloudsa
4. Emotional stress reduction Feelings and cancer-related emotions as anxiety and worries were explained My feelings and worries Mountain meditationa
Emotional emergency kita
5. Mindfulness and acceptance of thoughts and emotions Meaning of mindfulness and acceptance and their implementation in daily life in contrast to the active strategies learned in modules 1–4 My definition and experiences with acceptance Acceptance story a,b
Body scana,b
Integration of mindfulnessb
Winter walka
Spring awakeninga
6. Activation of resources: quality of life and pleasure Introduction of models of the balance between burden and resources My individual resources Health-cycle b
Planning activitiesb
Week planner b
Friendly feelings with our own bodya
Enjoyment trainingb
7. Activation of resources: social network and communication skills Social network and the role of a supportive environment My individual social network and current needs Communication skillsb
Beach promenadea
Winter promenadea
Spring awakeninga
8. Summary Concluding an overview and documentation of the last 7 weeks My experiences with the program Four seasonsa
  1. aAudio file: story, relaxation or guided imaginary exercise, bInstructions and worksheets