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Table 1 Overview of data sources and information

From: Study protocol of the CHOiCE trial: a three-armed, randomized, controlled trial of home-based HPV self-sampling for non-participants in an organized cervical cancer screening program

Data sources Information
Danish Pathology Data Bank (DPDB) Participation (yes/no)
Participation by self-sampling or visiting a GP
HrHPV test results of self-collected samples
Dysplasia and/or hrHPV test results of cervical cytology and histology specimens obtained in the whole country
Screening history
Age at date of second reminder
Statistic Denmark Marital status
Living in rural or urban area
Education level
Ethnicity (country of birth)
  1. All data are registered and collected by use of the unique CPR number which includes the participant’s date of birth
  2. CPR Civil Personal Registration, GP General Practitioner