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Fig. 4

From: A diagnostic marker for superficial urothelial bladder carcinoma: lack of nuclear ATBF1 (ZFHX3) by immunohistochemistry suggests malignant progression

Fig. 4

NLS synergistically drives GFP into the nucleus. Three NLSs were fused with the enhanced GFP (EGFP) gene and transfected into COS-7 cells. a, The numbers above the panels indicate the site of the NLSs by amino acid number on the ATBF1 protein. The ratio indicated below the panels shows the intensity of luminescence in cytoplasm (C) and nucleus (N). Panel 5 shows the synergistic effect of NLSs achieved by the tandem repeat of NLS 2947–2959 and NLS 2987–3005 to generate NLS 2947–3005. b, Amino acid sequences of NLS 1387–1400, NLS 2947–2959, and NLS 2987–3005, and the tandem repeated NLS 2947–3005. Green letters indicate the consensus sequence as an NLS

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