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Fig. 2

From: A diagnostic marker for superficial urothelial bladder carcinoma: lack of nuclear ATBF1 (ZFHX3) by immunohistochemistry suggests malignant progression

Fig. 2

Anti-ATBF1 antibodies specifically detect distinct sections of ATBF1 localized in the nucleus or cytoplasm of UC cells. A, Map of the antigenic domains of the ATBF1 amino acid sequence. MB33, 16–45 aa; MB34, 238–255 aa; MB39, 1504–1520 aa; D1-120, 2114–2147 aa; MB44, 2229–2245 aa; MB47, 2759–2775 aa; MB49, 3410–3426 aa. B, Left side of the line characters a–h indicates independent cases of UC. Right side of the fraction numbers 7/7–0/7: numerators represent the number of antibodies to detect ATBF1 in the nucleus and the denominators represent the total number of antibodies (which is the fixed number 7). Scale bar = 5 μm

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