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From: Internal jugular vein versus subclavian vein as the percutaneous insertion site for totally implantable venous access devices: a meta-analysis of comparative studies

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PubMed ("Catheterization, Central Venous/adverse effects"[Mesh] OR "Catheterization, Central Venous/methods"[Mesh] OR "Catheters, Indwelling/adverse effects"[Mesh]) AND ((totally implantable*[tiab]) OR (TIV*[tiab]) OR (port[tiab]) OR (ports[tiab])) AND ((jugular*[tiab]) OR (subclavian*[tiab])) 236 articles
Web of Sciencea #1 TOPIC: (totally implantable venous port*) Timespan = All years Search language = Auto
#2 TOPIC: (totally implantable venous device*) Timespan = All years Search language = Auto
#3 TITLE: (port-a-cath* OR TIVA* OR port OR ports) Timespan = All years Search language = Auto
#4 TOPIC: (jugul* OR subclavian*) Timespan = All years Search language = Auto
#5 (#3 OR #2 OR #1)
#6 (#5 AND #4)
865 articles
Embase #1 implant* NEAR/5 (port OR ports OR device OR devices OR system OR systems)
#2 TIVAP:ab OR TIVP:ab OR TIVAD:ab OR port:ab OR CVAP:ab
#3 jugul*:ab OR subclavian*:ab
#4 #1 OR #2
#5 #3 AND #4 AND ([article]/lim OR [article in press]/lim OR [conference abstract]/lim OR [conference paper]/lim OR [review]/lim) AND [humans]/lim
944 articles
All OVID Evidence-Based Medicine Reviewsb #1 (implant* and (port or device or system)).mp. [mp = ti, ot, ab, tx, kw, ct, sh, hw]
#2 (TIVAP or TIVAD or TIVP or TICVP).mp. [mp = ti, ot, ab, tx, kw, ct, sh, hw]
#3 (jugul* or subclavian*).mp. [mp = ti, ot, ab, tx, kw, ct, sh, hw]
#4 #1 or #2
#5 #3 AND #4
61 articles
  1. aIncluding Web of ScienceTM Core Collection, BIOSIS preview®, Chinese Science Citation DatabaseSM, Derwent Innovations IndexSM, Inspect®, KCI-Korean Journal Database, MEDLINE®, SciELO Citation Index
  2. bIncluding Cochrane DSR, ACP Journal Club, DARE, CCTR, CMR, HTA, and NHSEED