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Fig. 4

From: Development of prognostic signatures for intermediate-risk papillary thyroid cancer

Fig. 4

Enrichment of clinicopathological prognositic features of papillary thryroid cancer within intermediate prognosis patients classified as good and poor prognosis by a Prediction of Microarrays (PAM) model. Intermediate prognosis patients (n = 378) were classified as either good (n = 111) or poor prognosis (n = 195) using the PAM model, which was trained using the gene signature of differential expression between extreme good prognosis (n = 51) and extreme poor prognosis (n = 79) patients. Within the poor prognosis group there was a higher percentage of patients with BRAF mutations, nodal involvement, extra-thyroid extension, and the aggressive Tall cell histological subtype, but a lower percentage of patients with NRAS and HRAS mutations and the well-differentiated follicular histological subtype. *** Chi -squared p-value < 0.001

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