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Fig. 1

From: Advanced hepatocellular carcinoma with hepatic vein tumor thrombosis and renal dysfunction after hepatic arterial infusion chemotherapy effectively treated by liver resection with active veno-venous bypass: report of a case

Fig. 1

CT of the abdomen. a HCC with a maximum diameter of 16.0 cm in the right lobe detected before HAIC; intrahepatic metastasis is marked by the arrowhead. b HVTT extending from the RHV to the IVC prior to HAIC. c The size of the main HCC markedly decreased (arrowhead), with no obvious intrahepatic metastases after 13 courses of HAIC. d-e After 13 courses of HAIC, the advanced part of the HVTT went down to the root of the RHV (arrows)

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